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Detected presence of web service API keys.

priorityCI/CD statusseverityeffortRL levelRL assessment
passmediummediumNonesecrets: warning
Reason: web service credentials found

About the issueโ€‹

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms expose programmable interfaces to their authenticated users. These web services enable action automation and secure exchange of information. Web service users can provide a unique key that identifies the caller or confirms the access rights. Therefore, these keys could be considered secret. Keys that can be safely included in a software release package should only be used to identify the caller. For authentication, users should generate their own access keys instead.

How to resolve the issueโ€‹

  • You should securely store web service access keys, and fully automate their management and periodic rotation.
  • If keys were published unintentionally and the software has been made public, you should revoke exposed keys and file a security incident.

Incidence statisticsโ€‹

ReversingLabs periodically collects and analyzes the contents of popular software package repositories for threat research purposes.

For every repository, the chart shows the percentage of projects that triggered the software assurance policy. In other words, it shows how many projects were found to have the specific issue described on this page.

The percentages are calculated from the total amount of packages analyzed:

  • RubyGems: 174K
  • Nuget: 189K
  • PyPi: 403K
  • NPM: 2.1M

Secrets breakdown by serviceโ€‹

The next chart provides a more detailed look at sensitive information detected in analyzed packages. Secrets are grouped by service, and for every service the chart shows the absolute number of secrets found per repository.

When present in the chart, the "Other" group covers the following:

  • SWT Generic
  • RFC6750 Token
  • OAuth token credentials
  • Connection string with an exposed secret
  • Basic Access credentials
  • JWT Generic

Secrets breakdown for SQ34305

Secrets breakdown for SQ34305