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Get started with the Spectra Assure Portal

This quickstart guide is for users who want to try the ReversingLabs Spectra Assure Portal in 15 minutes or less. In this guide, you will learn how to scan your first package, get its analysis report, and move the uploaded package to a project. To learn about all supported features and functionalities of the Portal, refer to the Use the Portal section of the documentation.


The following tasks should be completed before you start working with the Portal:

  • Get a user account. Follow the instructions in the Portal access guide.

  • Prepare a test package to work with. You can use any software package on your system for the purposes of this guide. To make sure the file you want to scan is supported, check the file format and the community/language coverage lists.

1. Upload a new packageโ€‹

In this step, you will upload a software package to the Portal File Stream page. This is the place where you can view and manage all software packages that belong to your groups.

Figure 1 - File Stream Upload button and Actions menu
Figure 1 - File Stream Upload button and Actions menu
  1. Log in to your Portal account. Once in, you automatically land on the File Stream page.

  2. Click on the Upload File button above the Software table (Figure 1, #1). This prompts you to choose a file from your computer.

  3. Enter the required information on your file:

    • Product - the full name of the software package
    • Version - the software package version
    • Publisher - the software publisher
    • Platform - the system for which the software has been developed
    • Category - the general purpose of the software package
    • License - the type of license for the software package; all license types from the SPDX License List are supported
    • Release - the date of the software package release

When uploaded, software packages are automatically analyzed and added to the Software table on the File Stream page.

2. View a reportโ€‹

In this step, you will view the report for the software package you uploaded.

  1. At the right end of each Software table row, you will find the Actions menu (Figure 1, #2).
  2. Click on the View Report option in that menu to access the report. This opens a new tab with the detailed analysis information divided by categories.

3. Export analysis resultsโ€‹

From the Report page for your uploaded software package, you can export and locally save only certain parts of the report. In the last step, you opened the report and you automatically landed on the Summary page.

  1. From the left-hand menu of the report, choose the Issues page.
  2. In the upper right corner of the Issues page, you will find the Export as Sarif button. Clicking on it downloads the analysis results in the desired format to your default download location.

4. Move to a projectโ€‹

In this step, you will move the uploaded software package from the File Stream to a project of your choice. Projects are ideal for keeping your package versions organized and preserved, because File Stream only keeps them for 90 days. Note that this action does not affect your quota.

  1. Click on the File Stream tab in the header to go back to the Software table (Figure 1, #3).

  2. From the Actions menu choose Move to Project (Figure 1, #2). This opens a dialog.

  3. In the dialog, there are four steps you need to complete:

    • Select Project - create a new project
    • Select Package - create a new package inside that project
    • Software Info - edit the same information about your software package that you need to enter when you're uploading it directly to the Projects page. All fields except for Version are automatically filled.
    • Overview - once again check all the information on the package version you're moving, including its target location
  4. If you need to change any information on the package version, you can switch back and forth between these steps by selecting them at the top of the dialog.

When finished, go to the Projects page to view your software package version that will be automatically reanalyzed.


You have successfully completed a basic workflow with ReversingLabs Spectra Assure Portal.

Explore the resources on this documentation website to learn how you can secure your software with the Portal.

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