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About Spectra Assure CLI tools

ReversingLabs Spectra Assure solutions include a set of multi-platform CLI tools for fast and flexible software package analysis. The rl-secure CLI tool scans software packages and helps users improve their software quality and security. The rl-deploy CLI tool optimizes the process of integrating software scanning capabilities with DevSecOps tools and processes.

Benefits of Spectra Assure CLIโ€‹

Self-managed deployments of rl-secure let you experiment with scanning capabilities, control usage costs, implement full shift-left capabilities, and process sensitive information without submitting anything to the cloud.

rl-deploy makes it easier to:

  • Install and use rl-secure in short-lived, temporary environments and on machines that don't have a stable machine number.
  • Integrate rl-secure in your build pipelines and automate security scanning of your build artifacts.

With rl-secure, you can:

  • Scan your software release packages on-premises and in your CI/CD pipelines to prevent threats from reaching production.
  • Compare package versions to ensure no vulnerabilities are introduced in the open source libraries and third-party components you use.
  • Prevent private keys, tokens, credentials and other sensitive information from leaking into production.
  • Improve developer experience and ensure compliance with security best practices.
  • Generate actionable analysis reports to help you prioritize and remediate issues in collaboration with your DevOps and security teams.

rl-secure is designed to help you:

  • Understand how your software behaves
  • Improve your code and container security
  • Optimize your software development lifecycle

You can rely on rl-secure to:

  • Identify code quality issues
  • Detect vulnerable dependencies
  • Highlight problematic signatures and other certificate-related weaknesses
  • Warn about leaked secrets and other sensitive information in software packages

Get Spectra Assure CLIโ€‹

The Spectra Assure CLI tool supports the systems and architectures listed on the System recommendations page.

There are two ways to get Spectra Assure CLI:

1) Install rl-secure manually. Contact ReversingLabs Support and request a download link for the rl-secure installation package, then follow the manual installation guide.

2) Use rl-deploy to install rl-secure automatically. Download the rl-deploy installer and follow the rl-deploy installation instructions. You can download the rl-deploy installer as:

Internet connection required

To install and use the Spectra Assure CLI, your system must have internet access. When scanning your software packages, Spectra Assure connects to the ReversingLabs cloud to verify your license and remaining analysis capacity.

Learn moreโ€‹

  • Keep up with all things Spectra Assure on the official ReversingLabs blog.

  • Browse the documentation on this website. Use the navigation sidebar to discover content by type and topic, or look up specific keywords in the search bar.

  • Check out example analysis reports on the official website to understand the different use-cases for the Spectra Assure platform.