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Spectra Assure Docs by ReversingLabs

Learn how to make the best use of the Spectra Assure products.


Spectra Assure CLI

Cross-platform command-line tools for scanning software packages on-premise and in cloud deployments. Export detailed analysis reports, secure your builds, and set up CI/CD integrations for maximum efficiency.

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Spectra Assure Portal

SaaS solution for collaboratively managing software projects and verifying third-party software used in your organization. Analyze software releases and gain visibility into deployment risks straight from your web browser.

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Spectra Assure APIs

Public APIs that give you access to Spectra Assure Portal functionalities for automation purposes. Develop your own solutions or integrate with other tools to use the Portal programmatically instead of clicking through the web interface.

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Spectra Assure Concepts

If you're new to the Spectra Assure platform - or to software supply chain security in general - it's a good idea to start by exploring our conceptual docs. They explain the essential terminology and major product features, which should help you get familiar with Spectra Assure faster.

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