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About Spectra Assure APIs

ReversingLabs Spectra Assure APIs are a companion solution to the Portal that helps you automate common actions and use the Portal features more efficiently.

With Spectra Assure APIs, you can:

  • Upload a package version, analyze it, and create a diff against a previously scanned version
  • Create, edit, and delete projects and packages in the Portal
  • Download analysis reports in all supported formats
  • Update package version metadata and release status
  • View all projects for a group

Spectra Assure APIs are designed to help you:

  • Speed up workflows in your development and DevOps teams
  • Integrate with other software supply chain security tools
  • Build your own solutions around Spectra Assure Portal functionalities
Supported Portal features

Spectra Assure APIs only support the Portal Projects features. Working with the File Stream through the APIs is not supported.

Get access to Spectra Assure APIsโ€‹

Spectra Assure Portal SDKโ€‹

ReversingLabs provides an official SDK (software development kit) for Python that can be used to integrate the Spectra Assure Portal and interact with it in your own applications. The SDK provides access to operations supported by the Spectra Assure APIs.

The SDK library can be installed directly from PyPi as spectra-assure-sdk.

For usage instructions and examples, refer to the documentation in the SDK GitHub repository.

Learn moreโ€‹

  • Access the full API reference docs for a detailed overview of all supported API features.

  • Browse the documentation on this website. Use the navigation sidebar to discover content by type and topic, or look up specific keywords in the search bar.

  • Check out example analysis reports on the official website to understand the different use-cases for the Spectra Assure platform.