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About Spectra Assure Portal

ReversingLabs Spectra Assure Portal is a SaaS solution for comprehensive and collaborative software development management.

With Spectra Assure Portal, you can:

  • Scan your software packages to detect potential risks before release.
  • Improve your SDLC by applying actionable advice from security scan reports to all phases of software development.
  • Organize your software projects and automatically compare package versions to detect potentially dangerous behavior changes in the code.
  • Manage software quality policies on the fly to ensure compliance and achieve maturity in your software releases.

Spectra Assure Portal is designed to help you:

  • Improve security of your software releases and development practices
  • Manage software projects from multiple teams in your organization
  • Understand how your software behaves across different versions

You can rely on Spectra Assure Portal to:

  • Identify code quality issues
  • Detect vulnerable dependencies
  • Highlight problematic signatures and other certificate-related weaknesses
  • Warn about leaked secrets and other sensitive information in software packages


  • Track and show behavior changes between software package versions over time.
  • Control which policies are used by which user groups in your organization.
  • Inspect entire software packages for security issues.
  • Find and remediate threats to prevent software supply chain attacks.
  • Prevent private keys, access tokens, and other sensitive information from leaking to production.
  • Collaborate across teams to improve your software quality and security.

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  • Browse the documentation on this website. Use the navigation sidebar to discover content by type and topic, or look up specific keywords in the search bar.

  • Check out example analysis reports on the official website to understand the different use-cases for the Spectra Assure platform.